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Container RMG Crane

Container RMG Crane


Rail-mounted container gantry (PJMQ) cranes are the culmination of decades of crane design experience. These products combine recent innovations with proven technology over millions of man-hours to deliver high performance, reliability, and accuracy while significantly reducing operating costs and energy consumption. We can tailor PJMQ cranes to your specific operational needs. We can provide different sizes and configurations to meet the lifting needs of various containers and trailers.

1. This type of crane is generally a special crane, which is mainly used for container loading, unloading, handling and stacking of container railway transshipment yards and large container storage and transportation yards. It is composed of main sorghum, rigid and flexible door legs, running trolley, lifting mechanism, slewing mechanism (optional), large car running mechanism, electrical system, operating cab, etc. According to the yard operation process, the cantilever extended in the direction of the single door leg or the double door leg becomes a single or double cantilever model, and the non-cantilever model does not extend outward. According to the site, container storage and transportation process and loading and unloading vehicles (container trucks or railway vehicles), different structural forms without cantilever, single cantilever and double cantilever are determined.

2. A variety of anti-sway methods make the lifting process safe and accurate, and improve work efficiency;

3. The spreader adopts 20′, 40′, 45'40.5t electric telescopic spreader.

4. Intelligent control, remote control

5. The design, manufacture and test of the crane comply with the provisions of GBT 19683-2005 "Rail-mounted container gantry crane";

6. Production qualification: PJMQ type 40.5t and below


30t -60t


30t -60t

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