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Services Introduction

After-sales service commitment

Service is the extension of product quality, the display of corporate image, the embodiment of the company's reputation, and one of the links that users are most concerned about, and occupies a very important position in the quality management system. Our company's service tenet is "adhere to quality for survival, service for credibility, problem solving first, customer satisfaction first, corporate image first"
Service is divided into three stages of pre-sale, sale and after-sale, our company has formulated a set of control procedures and management systems for customer service, and strictly supervise the implementation, improve service records, and establish service files. Pre-sales service refers to the activities of publicizing, explaining, consulting, answering, recommending products, and assisting customers in determining engineering or operation plans in the process of market development, market research, initial contact with customers, business negotiations, etc. In-sale service refers to the communication activities of contract review, contract signing, product realization, delivery, customer training and other processes. The focus of pre-sales and in-sale services is technical services. After-sales service refers to the acceptance and handling of customer complaints, "three guarantees", consultation, answers, communication and necessary customer training and other activities after product delivery.

I Pre-sales service
1. Send professional and technical personnel to introduce the characteristics and overview of our company's products to the demander, and provide users with high-quality and low-cost product information. And arrange professional and technical personnel according to the on-site environment of the demand side, provide a complete set of design, installation scheme, supply and demand side reference selection.
2. According to the technical requirements in the bidding, provide the design scheme and performance parameters in time, and send professionals to conduct technical exchanges and business negotiations with the project manager, and sincerely welcome the demander to visit our company for inspection and guidance.

II. In-sale Service
1. Learn from domestic and foreign advanced optimization design, maintain close contact with design institutes and demand-side companies, carefully investigate the on-site use environment, improve design, and strive for design excellence. And do a good job of technical exchanges with all parties to meet the change requirements of design institutes and demanders.
2. Select domestic and foreign high-quality and low-cost accessories manufacturers for the demander, which is convenient for the daily maintenance and supply of accessories on the demander side to ensure the normal production of the demander.
3. In the manufacturing process, the supplier strictly follows the drawings of the supply and demand sides to review and countersign, and welcomes the demander to come to us to supervise and inspect the manufacturing process of the product.

III. After-sales Service
1. Our company provides free training for users on how to use the products, and provides users with technical information on the use, repair and maintenance of the products.
2. Strictly implement the product technical requirements stipulated in the contract, clarify the responsibility for product use and maintenance, and meet the normal production of users.
3. According to the requirements of the demander, we can send professional and technical personnel to the site to provide technical guidance, technical training and technical services to the demander's staff.
4. For equipment damage caused by non-supplier responsibility, we give priority to providing accessories and repair obligations.
5. We provide preferential equipment wearing parts supply services for a long time.
6. Our products implement three guarantees, and the quality assurance period is 12 months after normal operation. In the quality problem during the shelf life, our factory promises to deal with it in time and provide replacement parts free of charge. Outside the warranty period, our company implements high-quality service as always, and only charges the cost of accessories.
7. The factory promises to respond within 2 hours after receiving the fault information of the user's equipment, and arrive at the scene within 24 hours to eliminate the fault and repair it in time. If the equipment fails due to improper use by the user, we will only charge the cost. Create all convenient conditions, so that users can buy with confidence and use comfortably.

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