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Hydropower gantry crane

Hydropower station gantry crane, mainly used to lift and open and close gates, can also be installed operations, lifting speed is low, 1~5 m/min. Although the gantry crane for hydropower station is not often lifted, once used, the work is heavy, the safety requirements are high, and a higher working level is required.

Hydropower gantry crane is a bridge crane supported on the ground track by legs on both sides. In terms of structure, it is composed of gantry, large car running mechanism, lifting trolley and electrical part. The gantry cranes of hydropower stations produced by Taichong are distributed in more than 100 hydropower stations in China, and the representative products are: 350t gantry crane for Sanmenxia Hydropower Station, 500t two-way gantry crane for Longyangxia Hydropower Station, 5 sets of 500t dam top gantry cranes for Three Gorges Hydropower Station, etc.

Hydropower Station Gantry Crane

Hydropower Station Gantry Crane

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